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SQUARE proudly offers you a premium organic tea Orvana as a part of its commitment to healthy environment and hearty living. Orvana comes from one of the finest tea gardens in Bangladesh, known as Sabazpur Tea Estate. The hilly topography, undisturbed wildlife and dedicated workers have made Sabazpur an ideal place for farming tea. With its enchanting colour and mind-blowing aroma, Orvana will give you a warm and soothing feeling that you have never had before. It is nature’s wonder gift, which reduces the risk of certain heart diseases, decreases the risk of strokes, prevents the possibility of certain cancers, enhances the immune system, lowers the cholesterol level, relieves tension and soothes the nerves. It also strengthens teeth, improves blood circulation, relieves headache and delays aging amongst many other benefits An organic garden (Such as the one where Orvana tea is grown) on the other hand, has an all-natural cultivation process. This means that not only you reap great health benefits when you drink Orvana, but also that the environment and the workers of the garden stay safe from the harmful effects of those chemicals.

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